Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TTB Update: Tiny Wheel Bot (I guess?)

As I said I would in my Tiny Tank Bot post, I stole the electronics from TTB and ditched the mechanics because the bike chain treads are terrible. I just wanted to make something run, so I spent an hour after work making this:

I guess he would have to be called Tiny Wheel Bot. The wheels are polycarbonate lenses from a product at work. I just drilled a hole through the middle and wrapped electrical tape around the edge. The servos are screwed directly onto the wheels, and I globbed some ShapeLock around the servo output so it wouldn’t slip.

I cut a little strip of HDPE and zip tied the servos to it.

The control board and battery are stuck on the top and bottom of the plastic frame with VHB tape, and lastly I zip tied a tail made from music wire. This was so easy and quick compared to those stupid treads, all robots should come together this fast!

 The big wheels make him pretty fast, and the tail doesn’t have enough weight so he flips over sometimes when trying to back up, which is hilarious.

I had to tweak some motor speed values in the code, but otherwise it’s the same as the TTB code.

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