Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obligatory Pyro System post

While I don’t have a lot of progress to show on Pyro System, I feel like I should put up a post here since putting up some robot videos on YouTube will inevitably lead to a lot a subscribers asking me why the hell I’m not doing stuff with fire. It’s been a long time since Prometheus, but rest assured Pyro System 4 is in the works. I have a lot of ideas to try and I’ve gained a lot of embedded control experience since then. It will be better than versions 1 through 3. Here are some key ideas:
Silent ignition system. No moving parts, no loud electric arcs. Yes I have a proof of concept working
Smaller than Pyro System 2. I really want it to be able to hide under a sleeve
Smarter than Prometheus. Distributed computing, flow rate feedback, information readouts, all kinds of cool stuff that will be fun to build and make the device easier to use
The focus is on good control, because after all, the point is to emulate the ability to control fire by pyrokinesis. Here is a preliminary schematic for one section of the system. Keep watching for updates on PS4.


  1. U are a fucking genious, I love you(no homo)!
    Can't wait for some videos.
    What ever happend to the sentinel project? I only found 1 video on youtube

  2. Hey Everett. Can you e-mail me at sean@makezine.com ASAP? We have a proposition about Prometheus.