Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MELD LED board

Just a quick update on my MELD LED boards, they came in and the results are great. The white beam is nice and centered now, plus there's room for UV.

One issue I found is that I tried to make it smaller than it needed to be, so the wire pads end up being right under the reflector on the two lights I've installed it in (Olight S10, Sunwayman C10R). The fix was just to push the pads out so that there's a bigger gap where the traces can run under the reflector. I made that change, as well as made a version with an XP size part:


  1. That is gorgeous. did you just grind down an existing reflector to get a hole big enough?

    1. The stock reflector in the S10 fits without modification, luckily

  2. What kind of UV led are you using?