Wednesday, January 1, 2014

RGB Glasses update

I recently made a few updates to my RGB glasses. Also, we discovered that they look fantastic on dogs. The big change is to the bracelet: after my new uNRFv2 radio boards came in, I wanted to make a better control bracelet with one. The new bracelet is built on a 3D-printed plastic piece that holds the uNRFv2, the battery, the accelerometer, and 3 momentary switches. (in this photo some of the hardware is not yet installed)

 The bracelet performs the same functions as the previous one, but looks better and is less prone to damage because the wiring is protected. It also has a low-power sleep mode instead of a battery disconnect to shut it down. I also wrote an update for the glasses which makes a few mode changes, and adds a momentary switch on the glasses that allows mode changes, which means the glasses can be used without the bracelet. The switch also allows the radio channel to be changed in case of interference. The bracelet software has a provision to change the channel to match. The most notable mode update to the glasses software is lightning mode:

Here's the code for the bracelet and the glasses

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